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What is Get Mock Test?

Get Mock Test is an Online Test Series platform for students appearing for engineering entrance exams IIT-JEE as well as medical entrance exams NEET.

Why Get Mock Test?

Cracking a particular exam requires balance between what is taught (Learning) and what is practiced (Practice) in order to get the ultimate result. The equation to crack exam is

Right Learning + Right Amount of Practice = RESULT.

There are various methods available for a student to obtain knowledge or learn but when it comes to practice the right way is still not well determined by many students.

  • How many questions to practice? ,
  • What types of questions are to be practiced? ,
  • How long to practice ? ,
  • and Most Important How to practice?

These are common question’s every student’s asks themselves while preparing for the JEE/NEET exams.

Getting all these questions answered is where GET MOCK TEST comes into picture, it is a solution to all these questions at one click.

How does Get Mock Test help Student’s?

Get Mock Test helps students by giving them an all-inclusive practice portal which covers all the practice needs of a student. In IIT-JEE Mains the student has to solve around 75 questions in 180 minutes , NEET has 180 questions to be attempted in 200 minutes, which gives students 1min 30 secs for each question.

And don’t forget, exams are negatively marked as well. This means that every wrong answer will deduct your marks.

Thus SPEED and ACCURACY both are equally important to crack the exam. GET MCOK TEST is a practice portal which has features to help student’s to achieve both speed and accuracy.

Get Mock Test Practice Portal is equivalent to more than 300 + books put together along with correction of tests within seconds.

Features & Benefits

  • 1,00,000 questions per student.
  • Subject :- Chapter wise tests , Full syllabus covered tests
  • Full length NEET, IIT-JEE – Mains / Advance tests.
  • Each chapter is divided into ‘Level 1- Easy – Medium questions’ and ‘Level 2 – Medium to Difficult questions.’
  • FULL DETAIL SOLUTION after every test.
  • INSTANT RESULT is obtained
  • Two Types Tests available PRACTICE TESTS – Chapter wise to increase domain knowledge of the subject which can be attempted UNLIMITED TIMES. SPEED TESTS – Full syllabus to increase speed and accuracy which can attempted only once.