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Mathematics is a subject of numbers and statistics, at the elementary level the subject involves advanced level of calculations with Limit, Continuity, Differential Equations, Complex numbers and many other. Mathematics is mandatory subject for all engineering entrance exams. It carries an important impact on the score sheet while getting an admission in IIT’s, NIT’s, private as well as government funded engineering colleges.


We at Get Mock Test Provide two type of test

SPEED TEST - These tests can be appeared only once and have a specific time frame for completion of the test. These tests aim at increasing the speed and accuracy of the user. Each Speed Test is based on full Mathematics syllabus. You will get 20 speed test to practice your Mathematics subject.

PRACTICE TEST - These tests can be given infinite no. of times during the course tenure. They aim at increasing the domain knowledge of the user. You will discover 32 practice test for all Chapter’s Topics and Sub Topics on a single click. We cover each of the topic with two difficulty levels, Level 1 being easy to medium and Level 2 being medium to hard.


There are various graphs showing the performance report for each of the test as well as for the overall performance of the candidate. The graphs can be obtained for speed test and practice test individually also.

Topics covered in our portal:

Unit I. Sets, Relation and Functions (Level 1 and Level 2)  Unit II. Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations (Level 1 and Level 2)  Unit III. Matrices and Determinants (Level 1 and Level 2)  Unit IV. Permutations and Combitinations (Level 1 and Level 2)    Unit V. Binomial Theorem (Level 1 and Level 2)  Unit VI. Sequences and series (Level 1 and Level 2)  Unit VII. Limit and Continutity (Level 1 and Level 2)  Unit VIII. Integral Calculs (Level 1 and Level 2)  Unit IX. Differential Equations (Level 1 and Level 2)  Unit X. Co-ordinate Geometry (Level 1 and Level 2)  Unit XI. Three Dimensional Geometry (Level 1 and Level 2)  Unit XII. Vector Algebra (Level 1 and Level 2)  Unit XIII. Statistics and Probability (Level 1 and Level 2)  Unit XIV. Trigonometry (Level 1 and Level 2)  Unit XV. Mathematical Reasoning (Level 1 and Level 2)  Unit XVI. Linear Programming (Level 1 and Level 2).

*Note: This test validity is for one year (for kit user two options are available for one year as well as for two year, for online buyers one year validity is default).

Course Amount

₹ 3000

Course Features
  • 1,00,000 Questions
  • 1 Year Validity
Course Subjects
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

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